The Book Federation of Cambodia

Television Spot

According to the report of the research project on book publishing in Cambodia, insufficient information about the advantages of books has reached the people, so most of them do not know the value and benefit of reading for their family and the development of the society.

The Publishing in Cambodia report suggested national and local community awareness campaigns via radio, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions, and other activities across the country.

The Federation's initial effort in this area has been to develop a 'public service announcement' television commercial, with the cooperation and advice from the Ministry of Information.

After consulation with nonprofit and commercial partners (Women's Media Center, and Media Consulting and Development (MC&D)), the working group worked with the French Embassy's Audiovisual team, volunteer actors (including TV actress Kim Sotheathorngdy) and Sovanna Phum Theatre association (for costumes and make-up).

The main messages decided for this first TV 'spot' are:
Books: your gateway to the world of knowledge

The shooting took place during only one full day in October in Phnom Penh, in the garden of the Independence Monument, on the terrace of the French Cultural Center and in a book stand in Orussey market. Some of the members of Federation came to volunteer help during this day.

Three weeks in November were necessary for the audiovisual and sound technicians to edit the spot. The spot is available on DVD copy and via the internet.

To select times for broadcasting the spot during international New Year period. Thanks to research conducted by International Media Services and Marketing Solution Asia, the best times to broadcast the spot were selected, and it was broadcast repeatedly on CTN and TV5. Discussions for rebroadcast with TVK and APSARA regarding free broadcast are still in progress.

Plans for a radio spot and a national 'Day of Reading' are underway.