The Book Federation of Cambodia

Komik Cambodia Exchange Project

On 21 Nov. 2005, the Indonesian comic artist Beng Rahadian came to Cambodia to exchange experiences with Cambodian illustrators for three weeks, with the support of Arts Network Asia (ANA).

He conducted formal and informal workshops at the Book Federation and the French Cultural Centre's 'Lire en Fete' book festival. There was also a public exhibition of his work at 'Sun Dew' gallery, a public talk at Java Café, and a presentation of Indonesian independent film/animation at Sovanna Phum.

Beng spent most of his time working with Cambodian illustrators to encourage Cambodian illustrators to develop the comic sector, because the Indonesian comic situation in the past shows many similarities to the current Cambodian situation.

Beng worked on issues of unlocking creativity and with Cambodian illustrators produced collaborative 'jam strips' with a free-form topic in order to compile them into an eventual book.

Future plans for exchange include sending a Cambodian illustrator to visit Indonesia - if possible, during a comics convention or event.

Following that funding may be sought for publication of an Indonesia-Cambodia exchange compilation comic.

An informal report can be seen at

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