The Book Federation of Cambodia

Special Interest Group: Comics

The main objectives of this group are:

This special interest group was set up in May 2005, following a workshop at the French Cultural Centre in April by Phousera 'Séra' Ing, a visiting Khmer comic artist who teaches in France.

Many of the students were interested to continue developing their knowledge of comics and the visual arts.

Nhek Sophaleap, one of the original workshop participants, won an award for best comic produced by the workshop and was sponsored by project 'VALEASE' to visit a French comics festival.

Currently, the Special Interest Group is focusing on portfolio development so illustrators can have their work available for display at the Federation offices. This will enable organizations, companies or individuals who need illustrators to find them at one central point.

It is also preparing to send another delegate to the 8th World Comic Artist Conference, and follow up on part two of the 'Komik Cambodia' Exchange Project.

Group efforts include participation in: