The Book Federation of Cambodia

Special Interest Group: Children's Literature 2005 Workshop

In mid-2005, a Children's Book workshop funded by the South East Asia Writing Support Program of the French Embassy. 18 writers and artists attended. Upon conclusion of the course, several books were published. The strong cohesion of the students led them to found the Special Interest Group, to facilitate the growth of Children's Literature and the publication of the remaining stories from the workshop.

A particular problem facing children's (and other forms) of literature is that of plagiarism. A second problem is that income from publishing children's literature is not commensurate with a living salary.

Recently, the Federation received additional support to fund the printing of three more children's books, in cooperation with diverse organizations. The stories were proofread jointly by Group members.

For supplemental material, priority was placed on:

  1. Mathematics: Children learn to think, count numbers and do calculations.
  2. Critical thinking: Children learn to think of words to match with pictures, and learn to color pictures.
  3. Problem solving: Children learn to find out the correct answers.

Short education-oriented jokes are utilized to develop children's intelligence.

These books can be found in the Federation's Showroom and on sale at various outlets. (As a rule the Federation partners with publishers, and does not aim to compete with commercial publishers.)